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Becroft and Hall: Driving Under the Influence

Becroft and Hall: Driving Under the Influence

Geoff Hall and Judge Andrew Becroft, 2018

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The perfect resource for navigating the sharp corners of transport law.


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In 2013, the New Zealand Transport Agency began developing a long-term behavioural change programme that aimed to reduce the harm caused by drunk and drugged drivers. Included in this was raising awareness of the severity and prevalence of drugged driving. From July 2018, alcohol interlock licences will be enforced in an attempt to further penalise repeat drunk driving offenders and set them on track for sober driving.

Drawn from the authoritative resource Becroft and Hall’s Transport Law, this book details the relevant parts and sections from the Land Transport Act, Sentencing Principles and Practice and the Bill of Rights Act, ensuring that all practitioners working in this area of law are sufficiently informed.



• Written by experts in the field of transport law, Geoff Hall and Judge Andrew Becroft
• Provides a technical and practical source of expertly written guidance relating to drunk and impaired driving offenses.
• Much needed commentary on the overhauls in legislation that have taken place in the last 5 years.


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Geoff Hall LLB (Hons)(Otago), LLM (VUW) practised law briefly in New South Wales in the late 1980s and was director of the Fiji Law Reform Commission in 1992. He was the technical adviser to the Department of Courts' Sentencing Information System and oversees the publication of the Sentencing Digest for the Ministry of Justice. Geoff has lectured in the law faculty at the University of Otago since 1975. In December 2014, Geoff was conferred the title of Emeritus Professor of Law; he continues to lecture part-time.

Judge Andrew Becroft BA, LLB (Hons)(Auckland) was a founder and senior solicitor at the Mangere Community Law Centre, for which he was awarded the New Zealand Commemoration Medal in 1990 for services to the community. In May 1996, he was appointed a District Court Judge at the Whanganui District Court. In June 2001, he was appointed as the Principal Youth Court Judge for New Zealand. In 2016, his Honour Judge Andrew Becroft was appointed the Children’s Commissioner.

Table of Contents

Land Transport Act 1998 Part 6
Land Transport Act 1998 Part 7
Sentencing Principles and Practice
Bill of Rights Act 1990 – selected Sections

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