The Supreme Court: The Second Ten Years

The second edition of The Supreme Court celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of the Court. With the contributors offering professional, legal insight on a variety of legal topics.

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Release Date: December 01, 2024
ISBN/ISSN: 9781988598147

Product description

This book marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the New Zealand Supreme Court. The first part of the book examines the Court as an institution, and the second part assesses its decisions in the most important areas of New Zealand law: Māori legal issues, criminal law, public law, contract, torts and so on. The authors consider how the Court is meeting its statutory objectives, whether it is hearing the right cases, how it relates to other courts in Aotearoa New Zealand, how it negotiates the law/politics distinction, when it is “minimalist” and when it is “maximalist”, how it undertakes its conserving incrementalist common law role, and the symbols by which it projects itself to the community.


It is an anniversary second edition, (the last one almost ten years ago) with a conference marking the celebration. It takes its contents from 27 contributors and covers a variety of legal topics.

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Featured Authors

Table of contents

  • 1. Forrie Miller, Reflections on the Roles of Apex and Intermediate Courts in New Zealand.

  • 2. Jack Hodder, One Advocate’s Opinions — The “Least Dangerous Branch”? Predictability and Unease.

  • 3. Andrew Butler, Twenty years of the New Zealand Supreme Court: an advocate’s perspective.

  • 4. Imogen Hensman, The Supreme Court: A Clerk’s View.

  • 5. Dean Knight and Pita Roycroft, A Supreme Voice: Non-adjudicative Expression by the Supreme Court.

  • 6. Dr Alexandra Allen-Franks, Looking for an “Appropriate Vehicle”: The Leave Decisions of the Supreme Court of New Zealand in the Period 2018–2022.

  • 7. Matanuku Mahuika, The Supreme Court and Developing Role of Tikanga in the Law.

  • 8. Mihiata Pirini, Māori Legal Issues in the Supreme Court, 2013–2023.

  • 9. Janet McLean and Paul Rishworth, Towards a Supreme Bill of Rights in the Supreme Court.

  • 10. Marcelo Rodriguez Ferrere and Andrew Geddis, The Supreme Court, Public Law and Adjudicative Minimalism.

  • 11. Jack Alexander, Contract Law in the New Zealand Supreme Court.

  • 12. Peter Watts, Second Decade of the New Zealand Supreme Court — Company Law Decisions.

  • 13. Tiaan Nelson, Insurance Contracts in the Supreme Court: 2014–2024.

  • 14. Allan Beever, How to Save the Law of Negligence from the New Zealand Way.

  • 15. Ed Willis, Economic Law — Analysing Competition Law and Economic Regulation.

  • 16. Michael Littlewood, The Supreme Court’s Tax Cases, 2014–2024.

  • 17. Sam Bookman and Corrine Marti, Bottom Lines and Changing Values: The Supreme Court’s Environmental Law Cases 2015–2024.

  • 18. Katherine Sanders, Land Law.

  • 19. Jane Norton, The Supreme Court and the Law of Trusts and Charities.

  • 20. Julia Tolmie, The Supreme Court and the Criminal Law.

  • 21. Scott Optican, The Second 10 Years: The Supreme Court and the Law of Evidence.

  • 22. Mark Henaghan, Family Law and the Supreme Court of New Zealand: A 20-Year Affair.

  • 23. Helen Winkelmann, The Supreme Court: A View from the Top.