Why Lawyers Are Like Lobsters (and other lessons on surviving in the law) (eBook)

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A handbook for all lawyers, past, present and future, even those who are not yet born. It holds the secrets of absolute and total success as a lawyer.

NZD$ 34.99
Release Date:
ISBN/ISSN: 9781927313596

Product description

The reader will discover the legal significance of lobsters, rabbits, bulldogs and flatworms; the dangers of paper cuts and naked lawyers; the philosophical value of time sheets; how to know when you’re wrong, and when you’re wrong about being wrong. Included among the book’s many lessons on surviving in the law are:

  • why mediocrity is the key to success in the law;
  • how a law firm can achieve prominence, profit and perfection;
  • what Socrates would tell you over a latte; and
  • why lawyers are like lobsters.

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