New Zealand Procedure Manual: District Courts, 2nd edition

The New Zealand Procedure Manual: District Courts is designed to provide the busy practitioner with a single volume guide to bringing a civil case in the District Courts.

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Release Date: March 01, 2013
ISBN/ISSN: 9781927227008

Product description

The content of this text is taken from the highly popular District Courts Practice (Civil) looseleaf and contains all the District Courts Rules 2009 which came into force on 1 November 2009, accompanied by commentary on these rules. There are also helpful comparative tables comparing the old District Courts Rules 1992, the new District Courts Rules 2009 and the new High Court Rules 2008.

A bonus feature is the attached CD-ROM of all the District Courts Forms under Schedule 1 which will help the busy practitioner by speeding up the preparation of court forms.

The New Zealand Procedure Series is a series comprising books related to procedure in the New Zealand courts and is aimed at providing practical and accessible assistance to practitioners.


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Table of contents


District Courts Act 1947 (no commentary)

Comparable Rules Tables (High Court, District Court)

District Courts Rules 2009

District Courts Fees Regulations 2009

Attached CD of forms to District Courts Rules 2009 (ie Schedule 1 of District)


CD ROM includes comparative tables of:

- District Courts Rules 1992 and District Courts Rules 2009 and High Court Rules 2008

- District Courts Rules 2009 forms and High Court Rules 2008 forms

- District Courts Rules 2009 and High Court Rules 2008

All District Courts Rules Forms under Schedule 1 of the Rules