Questions and Answers Criminal Law, 4th edition (eBook)

Questions and Answers Criminal Law 4th edition enables students to consolidate their understanding of criminal law by guiding them through a series of questions to help them build upon their existing knowledge and recognise more complex issues.

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Release Date: December 01, 2014
ISBN/ISSN: 9781927248416

Product description

Key areas of study are summarised; a suggested solution is provided for each question and common pitfalls when answering questions are identified.


  • Introductory comments are made on each topic
  • Questions and a suggested solution is provided for each chapter
  • Common pitfalls and key issues are identified

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Table of contents

Chapter One - Actus reus

Chapter Two - Mens rea

Chapter Three - Some procedural matters and categorisation of offences

Chapter Four - Homicide

Chapter Five - Non-fatal Offences Against the Person

Chapter Six - Parties to offences

Chapter Seven - Crimes against rights of property

Chapter Eight - Sexual offences

Chapter Nine - Defences – an overview and some common law defences

Chapter Ten - Insanity and automatism

Chapter Eleven - Self-defence and defence of another

Chapter Twelve - Compulsion