Principles of Real Property Law, 2nd edition

The 2nd edition of Principles of Real Property Law is a thorough revision of the commentary in Hinde, McMorland and Sim: Land Law in New Zealand.
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Content has been selected with reference to the syllabus of land law and property courses in schools of law around New Zealand.

Principles of Real Property Law, 2nd edition offers students a tailored analysis of the core principles of land law with up-to-date commentary and leading case examples.

Authors G W Hinde, D W McMorland, N R Campbell, Jody L Foster, Thomas N Gibbons, Struan Scott and Peter Twist have significant experience both teaching and working in the area of land law and have published widely on the topic.

Comprehensive discussion of the core principles of land law
Written by a prestigious author team who are experts in the field
Coverage of key case examples for student ease-of-use

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Table of contents

1. Land Law in the Legal System
2. The Doctrine of Tenure
3. Estates in Land
4. Equity and Equitable Estates and Interests
5. Future Interests
6. The Extent of the Landholder's Rights
7. Title to Land
8. The Land Transfer System
9. Title by Registration
10. Caveats
11. Leasehold Estates
12. Concurrent Interests in Land
13. Unit Titles and Cross Leases
14. Land as Security: Mortgages and Other Changes
15. Easements and Profits
16. Covenants Affecting Freehold Land
17. Licenses
18. Capacity to Own and to Deal with Land