Planning Practice in New Zealand, 2nd edition

Relevant, reliable, and up-to-date guidance for New Zealand’s planning community.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781988546742
Release Date: March 10, 2022
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Release Date: April 19, 2022
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Produced by a group of leading planning academics and practitioners, Planning Practice in New Zealand is written with an emphasis on clarity and brevity. Structured in three parts, the book offers practical guidance on the multitude of issues planners deal with on a daily basis, including examples that provide the context for the issues discussed.

It begins by introducing the history of planning practice, going on to discuss the legislative structures through which plans and planning administration are delivered in New Zealand. It then addresses the practice of planning, providing detailed guidance on the RMA and associated planning processes, including resource consents, enforcement, and the appeal process. Finally, Planning Practice in New Zealand focuses on topics such as planning under the Local Government Act 2002; natural hazards planning; Māori and planning; rural planning; planning and urban design; transportation planning; planning and urban land economics; heritage; and subdivision.

The book concludes with an examination of what makes good professional practice and how to practise as an ethical and professional planner in New Zealand, as well as a new chapters on climate change, which is of increasing importance to New Zealand’s development.

Planning Practice in New Zealand is the ‘go to source’ for planning practitioners, students, and practitioners in allied professions from architecture to valuation, and any non-professional seeking a comprehensive overview of planning as it is practiced in New Zealand.

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Table of contents

Part I – An Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction – Caroline Miller

Part II – The Implementation of the RMA 1991

Chapter 2: The structure and purposed of the RMA 1991 – Lee Beattie

Chapter 3: Plan making under the RMA – Lee Beattie

Chapter 4: The life of a resource consent under the RMA 1991 – Lee Beattie and Ian Munro

Chapter 5: Designation and heritage orders – Robert Schofield and Greg Vossler

Chapter 6: Decision-making approaches in planning – David Mead

Chapter 7: Enforcement and compliance under the RMA – Caroline Miller, Janet Whiteside and Patrick Lynch

Chapter 8: Monitoring and evaluation – Jan Crawford, Lucie Laurian and Kimberley Edmonds

Chapter 9: Resource consent appeals, referrals, and the role of a planner in the hearing process – Lee Beattie

Part III – Specialist Topics

Chapter 10: Planning under the Local Government Act 2002 – Phill Reid, Caroline Miller & Lee Beattie

Chapter 11: Natural hazards planning – Wendy Saunders

Chapter 12: Taiao toitū: Māori and planning – Michelle Thompson-Fawcett, Levi Rona and Hauauru Rae

Chapter 13: Rural planning issues – Caroline Miller

Chapter 14: Planning and urban design – Lee Beattie, Ian Munro and Sarah Coady

Chapter 15: Transportation planning – Imran Muhammad

Chapter 16: Planning, urban land economics, and urban economics – Elham Bahmanteymouri

Chapter 17: Heritage issues – Ann McEwan

Chapter 18: Subdivision – Caroline Miller, Hamish Crawford and Liz Simpson

Chapter 19: Climate change – Stephen Knight-Lenihan and Wendy Saunders

Chapter 20: Professional practice in planning – Caroline Miller