Guide to Competition Law, 2nd edition

An informative text for readers wanting a broader understanding of competition law, or antitrust as it is often called.

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Release Date: March 01, 2018
ISBN/ISSN: 9781927313930

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Competition law promotes the interests of consumers by prohibiting anti-competitive arrangements and mergers, prohibiting use of market power to harm competition, and regulating firms in markets in which competition is not feasible.

The rules are being tightened:  penalties are increasing and compliance action by regulators around the world is intensifying.  It is more important than ever before that business people and their advisors understand this important area of law.

This informative text will be of use to readers who want a better understanding of the competition law framework, and provides an excellent primary reference tool for practitioners and other professionals who need a more detailed, in-depth treatment of the subject matter. This edition updates the first edition authored by Lindsay Hampton and Paul Scott to reflect recent case law developments, Commerce Commission activities, and legislative changes, including significant changes made to the cartel provisions under the Commerce (Cartels and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2017.

The content of this book comes from the authoritative and popular online publication Commercial Law in New Zealand.

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Table of contents

Chapter 31   Scheme, administration and reach of the commerce act 1986

Chapter 32   Fundamental concepts

Chapter 33   The general prohibition section

Chapter 34   Exclusionary provisions

Chapter 35   Price fixing

Chapter 36   Taking advantage of market power

Chapter 37   Resale price maintenance

Chapter 37a   Business acquisitions