Dobbie’s Probate and Administration Practice, 6th edition

Dobbie's Probate and Administration Practice, 6th edition is an authoritative text and essential resource for legal practitioners and those dealing in wills and probate.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781927227992
Release Date: December 01, 2014
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Release Date: December 01, 2014
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This sixth edition of the bestselling Dobbie's Probate and Administration Practice brings together an exceptional author team to update a highly regarded title. Now easier to read and with a bonus one-month trial to the online product containing 93 forms and precedents, this thoroughly updated new edition is of practical use for legal practitioners and those dealing in wills and probate. This indispensable resource sits alongside other authoritative works in LexisNexis' portfolio of trust law and succession-related titles.


• Authoritative and practical commentary
• Extracts of relevant legislation
• Precedent forms in text and online


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Table of contents

Part 1 Jurisdiction in probate and administration matters

1 Jurisdiction and administration

2 Administration without a gran

3 Necessity for probate

Part 2 Signing, witnessing, and providing a will

4 What is a will?

5 Requirements for making a will

6 Incorporating documents in a will

7 Corrections of wills by the Court

8 Two or more documents

9 Wills made subject to confitions or arrangements

10 Will list, mislaid, or accidentally destroyed

11 Codicils - documents which made changes to a will

12 Alterations and words crossed out in a will

13 Military or seagoing persons

14 Revocation, revival, and statutory modification of wills

15 Wills made by those living overseas

Part 3 Presumption of death and survivorship

16 Presumption and proof of death

Part 4 Office of executor or administrator

17 Who can be appointed executor?

18 How an executor is appointed?

19 Appointment by implication and according to the tenor of the will

20 Limitation of office of executor

21 Conditional appointment of executor with substituted executor

22 Revocation of appointment

23 Disharge of removal of executor or administrator

24 Death of an executor or administrator after grant of administration

25 Acceptance, refusal, or renunciation of appointment

26 Protection of administrator

Part 5 Practice of Court in its administration

27 Practice to obtain probate in common form

Part 6 Intestacy and letters of adminstration

28 Letters of administration - jurisdiction

29 Grant of letters of administration and general rules

30 Discretionary grants

31 Grant of administration to a stranger

Part 7 Administration with will annexed

32 Grant of letters of administation with will annexed

33 Incompetence of executor by reason of minority -administration during minority

Part 8 Practice as to grant of letters of administration on intestacy

34 Letters of administration on intestacy - practice

35 Security for administration

Part 9 Michellaneous applications

35 Overseas executor or applicant

36 Grants where executor incompetent

37 Administration pending legal proceedings

38 Administration ad colligenda bona

39 Administration during absence

40 Administration de bonis non (partly administered estates)

41 Inventory and accounts

42 Caveats

43 Recall of probate or letters of administration

44 Resealing overseas grants in New Zealand

45 Overseas recognition of New Zealand grants

46 Trustee corporations

47 Shape of documents to be filed

48 Fees of Court

Part 10 Probate in solemn form

49 Practice - probate in solemn form

Part 11 Insolvent estates

50 Additional chapter on validation of wills

51 Insolvent Deceased Estates

Part 12 Extracts from statute and rules

Status of children act 1969, ss5A-6D

Rules 632-664, High Court Rules

Appendix Precedent Forms