Copyright Law Made Easy 2017

Conveys the practical essentials of copyright law for businesses in the areas of marketing, sales, promotions and education.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781988506074
Release Date: December 31, 2016
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Copyright issues regularly arise in business. Obvious examples include developing a website, writing an advert or preparing a PowerPoint presentation. Playing or showing a sound recording, film or communication work in public must also be approached carefully. These are only some of the copyright issues that organisations in the commercial sector confront.

Copyright is also a very serious matter in the education sector. Programme developers, lecturers, deans and administrators will find this book useful when working on curricula, course materials, webinars and lectures, both in print and electronic formats.

Copyright Law Made Easy sets out the practical essentials of copyright law in New Zealand. It is designed to assist with protecting rights in original works and avoiding legal issues when copying or adapting original works belonging to others.

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Table of contents

Overview of legislation

Overview of licensing agreements

Mātauranga Māori: traditional knowledge

Overview of common licences

Copyright Act 1994

Part 1: Description, ownership and duration of copyright

Part 2: Infringement of copyright

Part 3: Acts permitted in relation to copyright works

Part 4: Moral rights

Part 5: Dealing with rights in copyright works

Part 6: Remedies for infringement

Part 8: Copyright licensing

Part 9: Performers’ rights

Part 11: Technological protection and copyright management information