Butterworths Student Companion: Torts, 7th edition

Butterworths Student Companion, Torts contains concise and witty summaries of the leading New Zealand and international decisions which have shaped the law of torts.

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Release Date: March 01, 2015
ISBN/ISSN: 9781927248119

Product description

Student Companion: Torts, seventh edition, is an easy-to-read study guide designed to help students consolidate their understanding of tort law. It contains concise and lively summaries of leading New Zealand and international decisions which have shaped the law of torts.

Written by Geoff McLay, this book can be used by students in conjunction with lecture notes and text materials as an aid to understanding and remembering important cases.

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Table of contents

• Negligence

   - Duty of Care

   - Causation

   - Breach

   - Tort and Contract

   - Contributory Negligence

   - Limitations

• Defamation

   - Parliamentary Privilege

   - Judicial Proceedings

• Interference with Goods

• Trespass to Person

   - Assault

   - Battery

   - False Imprisonment

• Privacy and Infliction of Emotional Distress

• Land-based Torts

   - Nuisance

   - Trespass

• Rylands v Fletcher

• Public Torts

• Equality and the Common Law

• Accident Compensation

• Exemplary Damages

• Vicarious Liability