Fairness, Expectation and Reward in Inheritance Disputes [ONDEMAND]

The webinar looks at the recurring issues of fairness and reward that are commonly encountered during inheritance disputes and provides legal advisors, arbitrators and mediators with tools to advise and manage these when drafting or advising clients on wills, estates and succession. Aimed at intermediate to advanced practitioners looking for practical solutions, the webinar draws on the latest research, is details based and includes discussion of case notes.

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Product description

Presenter: Anet Kate, Barrister & Mediator

Recorded: April 2018

About the webinar

This ONDEMAND webinar, aimed at the intermediate to advanced practitioner, looks at recurring issues encountered by practitioners in inheritance disputes. It discusses the expectations and principles of those involved in will disputes, with a focus on prevention and management of conflict. It provides information to better equip legal advisors, arbitrators and mediators to advise and manage disputes in the wills and succession area and provide some useful tools for addressing issues of fairness and reward.

The webinar covers:

  • What motivates parties when bringing claims under relatives’ wills
  • Common expectations of beneficiaries that drive inheritance disputes
  • What to consider when advising clients about succession and estate planning to prevent conflict
  • Strategies for mediating will disputes once conflict has occurred.

Attendees will gain strategies to pre-empt conflict when drafting wills or advising clients about inheritance issues; they will also gain insights into a mediator’s view of the management and resolution of will disputes

Having listened to this webinar attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the 5 key issues to be considered when drafting wills (to avoid conflict)
  • Evaluate the expectations of beneficiaries during will negotiations
  • Recognise critical issues that clients should be advised to raise with family members when planning asset distribution
  • Extend their portfolio of strategies for handling will disputes.

Who will benefit from listening to this webinar?

Intermediate and experienced family lawyers; mediators or arbitrators working in the succession area and general practitioners with family clients.

About the Presenter

Anet is a barrister and mediator. Her mediation experience includes mediation positions with the Weathertight Homes Panel and the Earthquake Commission Panel and she has been involved in resolving disputes across a range of areas including partnership, building, ACC, health & disability and family law (including wills, succession, relationship property, EIP, and FDR). Since 1990 Anet has been a conflict management coach and has also lectured in conflict communication and resolution. She currently coaches and supervises mediators and lawyers and is a co-author of LexisNexis’ Practical Guidance Family Dispute Resolution.

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